What is Mediation?

Mediation is basically a structured, interactive, and structured process where an independent third party helps disputing parties resolve conflict by using specialized communication and negotiation methods. Each participant in mediation is encouraged to actively engage in the process. In most cases mediation is used as an alternative to a trial. However, it can also be used to resolve disputes that cannot be resolved through the judicial system, such as divorce, spousal abuse, child custody, and harassment. Both parties must agree to work together in a collaborative manner, otherwise it will not be considered a mediation.

Mediation involves a meeting between two or more people who have conflicting views on a matter. This may occur between family members or friends, business associates, or other members of the community. The mediator will discuss the situation with both parties to find out what each is really looking for. Then they will evaluate the situation and determine how to best reach an agreement on the matter. The mediator then assigns a third party to help facilitate the negotiations.

In the legal system, there are often times situations that cannot be resolved through the judicial system. In these cases, the mediation process may be the most appropriate choice. Sometimes the mediation session does not work, but other times the participants to reach an agreement. This can be beneficial to everyone involved, and is usually a win-win situation for all involved. When you are involved in mediation, it is important to remember that your best interests are always considered. Therefore, if you feel uncomfortable about the entire process, don’t do it!

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