Understanding the Basic Process of Mediation

Mediation is basically a collaborative, structured process wherein an impartial third party helps disputing parties resolve conflict by the use of specific negotiation and communication techniques. This procedure is usually used in legal disputes where one party seeks to resolve a case through the mediation process instead of going to court. All parties in the mediation process are encouraged to actively engage in the whole process. This is done to increase the chance of reaching a mutually acceptable resolution of the dispute.

Mediators are usually selected from legal teams or organizations. This helps in making the mediation procedure more efficient and effective. It also helps in creating a good atmosphere for a fruitful settlement. It may last for as long as twenty-four hours or as short as four hours depending on the preference of the mediator. Usually, mediation sessions take place in private, closed meeting rooms.

Some mediators work in an employer’s workplace while some work as part of an agency or company. Some companies hire mediators to help settle workplace disputes. Others hire mediators to handle employee complaints. Another type of mediator works as a part-time employee. These are often called independent mediators. He is generally appointed by the parties or organizations. This means that he works independently, without the supervision of the parties involved.



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Monday/Friday: 8am to 8pm - Saturday: 9am to 2PM We offer out of hours mediation but by appointment and not all mediators are available.

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